Vacuum Cleaner CTLC MIDI I-PLUS MOBILE UNIT 577150

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Mobile battery-operated suction unit CLEANTEC CTLC MIDI I-Plus


Compact cordless suction power. Perfected for your cordless tools.
Goodbye dust. Welcome health - even without an outlet. The CTLC MIDI compact cordless vacuum cleaner loves dust and is perfectly matched to your Festool cordless tools. Whether for cutting, sanding or drilling applications: the compact design and low weight make it the perfect partner for the day. So you can work dust-free even in cordless systems! The innovative Bluetooth® Autostart or convenient remote control ensures perfect interaction between the cordless tool and the vacuum cleaner. Our cordless vacuum shines with the highest suction power thanks to the 36V turbine with 2 x 18V batteries. For healthy work in dust type L. And as usual, everything harmonized: vacuum cleaner, suction hose, cordless tool, connection to Systainer T-LOC. All this makes the system absolutely perfect.

Powerful: Power comparable to that of a corded vacuum cleaner thanks to the 36V turbine

Independent: Completely socket-free suction with 2 x 18 V batteries (4.0/5.0/8.0 Ah)

Cordless dust-free applications: perfect interaction with Festool cordless tools for mobile sawing, sanding or drilling

Mobile: easy to transport due to its compact design and low weight

Adjustable: three levels to adjust suction power

Seamless: work uninterrupted with four batteries and the TCL 6 DUO rapid charger in most cordless applications

Convenient: turn on the vacuum cleaner via Bluetooth® battery or remote control

Manual cleaning: to restore suction power and ensure maximum filling of the filter bag

Working in a healthier environment: for dust type L

Bluetooth® function to remotely turn on the vacuum cleaner with cordless tools

With manual cleaning of filters and filter bag

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