Universal Wood Blade HW 260X2,5X30 W60 - Festool 494604

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Blade WOOD UNIVERSAL HW 260x2,5x30 W60 - Festool

for KS 120, KS 88

Tough, precise and perfectly adapted to machine and material: The WOOD UNIVERSAL saw blade is the all-rounder for processing solid wood strips, multiplex/laminated wood, MDF and HDF fibre boards and soft plastics. The unbeatable interaction of machine, blade and material allows a truly perfect cut.

  • The all-rounder for all wood materials and soft plastics
  • The teeth of the blade are made of high-quality metal and enable good blade feed with a perfect cut
  • The cutting angles and tooth shape are specifically designed for the type of application and machine
  • With Festool's colour coding you can quickly find the right blade: yellow stands for woodworking
  • the all-rounder for all wood materials and soft plastics

Main applications

  • For processing all types of wood, wood-based composite materials, building material panels, plasterboard and soft plastics
  • Due to the alternating teeth and medium rake angle, this saw blade is suitable for both longitudinal and transverse cuts
  • For all wood-based materials, building boards - medium coarse cut
Ø: 260 mm
Blade thickness: 2.50 mm
Hole diameter Ø: 30 mm
Number of teeth: 60
Cutting angle: -5.00 °
Tooth shape: W

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