Universal Vinyl Adhesive Univil transparent can 1kg - Saratoga

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Universal Vinyl Adhesive Univil transparent can 1kg - SARATOGA UNIVIL


  • Used in papermaking, bookbinding, furniture and carpentry.
  • It bonds paper, cardboard, cork, canvas, felt, fabric, wood, plywood, chipboard.
  • It can also be used as a fixative for wall paints and also as a fixative for non-edible bread dough products.
  • It is also used for home repairs and glueing in the home, school and office.


  • Saratoga Univil is used on clean, dry surfaces.
  • Spread a layer of product on one of the surfaces to be bonded (spread with a spatula or brush); bond within a few minutes and press down
  • Depending on the porosity of the materials, setting times range from a few minutes to 20 minutes (1-2 minutes for cardboard, 20 for wood)
  • For rigid materials, the use of presses or clamps is recommended for the entire setting time.

Immediate cleaning with hot water.


Appearance: Milky liquid

Specific gravity: approx. 1.08

Dry residue: 39-43%.

Application temperature: >5°C

Viscosity at: 20°C 15000-25000 mPa.S

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