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Round bar RA DF 500/700


Securely positioned round workpieces.

For connecting wooden rounds, such as is the case with handrails, a round profile striker is available to hold the workpiece securely. It is suitable on both the DF 500 and DF 700, for diameters from 35 to 60 mm.

The round stop holds the workpiece securely and automatically centers it with the prism-shaped support surfaces

Wooden astragals with diameters 35 - 60 mm are fixed and are torsion-resistant already with just one DOMINO dowel

Quick installation without tools on the support surface

Flexible use, as the striker fits the DF 500 and DF 700

Exact fine adjustment possible during initial installation using the headless screws

Storage space already provided in the Domino milling cutter systainer

For precise milling of round workpieces Ø 35 - 60 mm

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