Set Turbo Filtr Tfs Ii-Et/Rs - Festool 487780

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Turbo Filter Set Tfs Ii-Et/Rs - Festool 487780
for RS 300, RS 3, RS 200, RS 2, ET2
frame with filter bag
5x turbo-filter

frame with filter bag

I work with little dust even without a mobile dust extractor.
The turbofilter set TFS II - ET/RS is suitable for the RS 300, RS 3, RS 200, RS 2, ET 2. The set consists of the holder and 5 x 1 turbofilters and is ideal for dust-free working even without mobile suction unit.

For work with little dust even without the use of a mobile dust extractor
For an unobstructed view and more health at the workplace
Ideal for sanding jobs where a mobile dust extractor is in the way or can only be used with difficulty
Not bulky and light
paper filter for turbo suction with support
to collect the dust produced during sanding work
Main applications
For the collection and disposal of the vacuumed material without dust
Painting/varnishing work
Furniture construction

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