Saw Blade Set STS-Sort/25 W - 204275

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STS-Sort/25 W hacksaw blade set
For outstanding results in wood materials.
This set consists of 5 different hacksaw blades for excellent results in all applications in wood materials. Made of HCS - high-quality carbon tool steel - for use in softer materials such as wood and wood fibre boards.

Straight teeth for fast cutting through to the conically ground blade for precise cutting
For straight or curved cuts up to right angle cuts
Long tool life due to high-quality, temperature-resistant diamondsLong tool life due to the use of carbide cutting edges
Thanks to the T-Shaft housing, changing the saw blade is easy
With Festool's colour coding you can quickly find the right blade: yellow stands for woodworking
the set for precise cutting in wood - whether fast or fine, straight or curved or at right angles
Main applications
Cutting solid wood
Cutting coated chipboard, panelling and veneer panels
Cutting plywood
Recommended speed 4-6, alternative minimum stroke - high accuracy, alternative maximum stroke - high speed
Technical Data

Technical data
Blade length
75.00 mm
Material thickness mm
30.00 mm

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