QUICK CUT cutting wheels for grinder F.41 - Norton

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QUICK CUT cutting wheels for angle grinder

NorZon Quick Cut cutting and grinding wheels offer optimum performance on stainless steel and cast steel alloys. They are also ideal for cast iron applications. NorZon Quick Cut products offer high-value, high-performance industrial solutions.
  • Superior performance compared to standard aluminum oxide discs, offering cutting with maximum productivity at the lowest cost
  • Combination of zirconium abrasive and premium binders offers fast, comfortable and stable cutting.
  • Optimized for universal applications including stainless steel, hardened steel and machining on cast iron. The disc is also iron-, sulfur- and chloride-free to reduce the risk of contamination of machined material.



Dimensions (mm) Thickness (mm) Bore Shape External spec Max operating Speed M/S or SFPM Pack quantity (pc) Part #
230x2.5x22.23mm 2.5 22.23 Mola da taglio a centro piano - Forma 41 NORZONQC_INOX_BNA 928 80 25 66252831474
230x3.2x22.23mm 3.2 22.23 Mola da taglio a centro depresso - Forma 42 NORZONQC_INOX_BDA 934 80 25 66252831532



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