Precisio CS50EB-SET 230V - Festool 574772

FestoolSKU: 239_014_2024 ST-STF___239_014_00540049

Type: H-HT - 202460
Sale price$36.00
Availability : 316


Backing pad FUSION-TEC ST-STF D150/MJ2-M8-H-HT

Powerful sanding with maximum suction. The patented MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 backing pad with its unique operating principle guarantees excellent sanding results. The MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 bases its performance on the special interaction between supply and exhaust air - with optimum dust extraction right to the edges. The result: almost 100 % suction with equally high stock removal, maximum surface finish and healthy working.

Perfect suction thanks to MULTI-JETSTREAM 2
rigid version
high temperature resistant Velcro
high edge resistance
for flat surfaces and narrow corners

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