Low shoe U-Power mod. STEVE ESD S3 CI SRC (39-45)

U powerSKU: 221_011_STEVE ESD S3 CI SRC (39-45)___221_011_STEVE ESD S3 CI SRC TG.39

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Low safety shoes with PUTEK® star upper and toe protection with anti-abrasion film, in protection class S3 SRC CI ESD.
Ultralight work shoes highly resistant to abrasion and with particular protection of the sole from the cold. These non-slip shoes with antistatic, anti-oil and anti-abrasion soles mount a tread made with a particular super light new generation PU compound that significantly reduces the overall weight of the shoe.
The Airtoe Aluminium toecap, and the new ultralight anti-hole textile insole, ensure protection of the toe and sole of the foot while maintaining the lightness of the shoe®.
Well-being and comfort are ensured by the presence of the U-Power Original insole in a highly breathable lightweight polyurethane compound; breathability is also ensured by the Wingtex air tunnel lining that guarantees air recirculation and moisture absorption.
Safety footwear suitable for: craftsmen in general, electrician, carpenter, warehouseman, transport and logistics.

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