Lima Closure SYS TL KPL- SG2-T01- 002 - 497819

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Glue EVA EVA wht 48x-KA 65


The glue for perfect results.

EVA hot melt adhesive of proven industrial quality, size and properties perfectly matched to the CONTURO glue application system.

Low consumption thanks to perfect dosing

Long open time so that CONTURO can be used at different speeds

Also suitable for rounding and free forms due to high heat resistance

No fillers and no smearing

Refill as needed thanks to the unique cartridge system

unfilled EVA glue - perfect quality joints with white decorations

universal EVA glue with high melting point

Larger softening area of about 90 °C, therefore also suitable for objects with high temperature resistance between -10 °C - + 75 °C

Chemical base: glue, resin

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