Lever Lock Clamp FS-HZ 160 491594

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Lever lock clamp FS-HZ 160


Perfect hold.

Festool clamps fit seamlessly into the system and can be used in a variety of ways. For clamping guide rails or workpieces on the multifunctional MFT table or in the mobile workshop, for securely clamping sections in semi-stationary saws such as CS S50/70 or KS/KSC 60, and much more: for a secure hold at all times.

Thanks to the lever mechanism, clamping is up to 5 times faster than with clamps

The lever clamp is insensitive to vibration and is therefore particularly well suited for use near the machine

One-handed operation makes it easier to clamp the guide rail or workpiece

Fits perfectly into the Festool system and clamp groove of the guide rail, MFT table and machine

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