Flat grinding wheels s.01 150X20X20mm Gr.80 - Norton

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FLAT Disc Grinding Wheel - NORTON 39C ø 150X20X20 mm art. 39C80KVS

  • Abrasive: extremely pure green silicon carbide
  • Harder and sharper than aluminum oxide
  • Ideal for precision grinding and sharpening applications on metal carbides and nonferrous metals

Product Features

Type Grinding disc
Outer diameter mm 150
Thickness / Height mm 20
Bore mm 20
Figure F1
Type of Binder Galzed
Color (pink-grey, pink, black-bakelite,...) Green
Abrasive type Silicon Carbide
Grit 80
Speed (m/s) 35
Hardness K
Machine type Sharpening machine
Line / Series 39C
Specification 39C80KVS
Nomenclatura EN 12413
Material to be processed HSS super high-speed steel
Use Smudge
Code 69936641410


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