Flap discs conical BDX plastic 180 R842 BDX - Norton

NortonSKU: 232_013_BDX180___232_013_63642501475

Grit: 40
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Flap Discs - BDX
BDX flap discs are made with zirconium abrasive grit for high cutting capacity and fast material removal, along with an improved cotton cloth backing for improved flexibility and wear resistance. They provide a solution for all deburring applications at a competitive price. The unique zirconium abrasive has controlled grain fracture properties that continuously produce sharp new tips. They provide long life on both difficult materials such as steel and stainless steel and softer metals such as aluminum.

Dimensions (mm) secondary form Bore Grit Packaging (pc) Masterbox (pc) Part #
180x22mm Platorello in fibra conico 22 40 10 10 63642501475
Platorello in plastica piano 22 60 10 10 63642501477
Platorello in plastica piano 22 80 10 10 63642501478

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