FESTOOL Twist drills SB CE D8205904 - 205904

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Dare ad ogni truciolo uno scarico.

For deep blind holes and through-holes in soft and hard wood: CENTROTEC beam drills machine struts and beams with a perfect fit. The perfectly calibrated pitch ensures ideal chip removal. The robust threaded bit allows precise positioning of the drill bit and screws it into the wood, for fatigue-free working. Thanks to the CENTROTEC interface, the beam drill bits can be changed in a flash. In addition, they can be resharpened up to fifteen times - for fast work progress and precise drilling results.

  • Spiral drill bit with sturdy threaded tip
  • Exact adjustment due to long threaded tip
  • Quick tool change via CENTROTEC interface
  • high corrosion resistance and low friction thanks to special coating
  • perfectly calibrated pitch ensures ideal chip removal
  • regrindable up to 15 times


Main applications

  • Ideal for deep blind holes and through holes in soft and hard wood, e.g. for machining struts and beams
  • Carpentry work
  • Woodworking
  • Assembly work

Technical Data

Overall length 235 mm

Useful length 165,00 mm
Ø 8 mm

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