FESTOOL Interface IP-STF D150/MJ2-15/1 - 203351

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The interface has a diameter of 145 mm and a height of 15 mm. It is ideal for sanding work on strongly rounded, movable components, but also for sanding filler during finishing. The interface acts as a buffer between the abrasive disc and the backing pad, minimising the risk of over-sanding through the edges.

  • Velcro for effortless attachment of the backing pad
  • Optimal thickness for sanding heavily corrugated components
  • As cushioning element between backing pad and sanding disc


Main applications

  • For sanding rounded lines and ribs
  • Avoids the risk of over-sanding on edges
  • Automotive
  • Painting/varnishing work
  • Furniture construction

Technical Data

Ø 145 mm

Height 15,00 mm

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