FEROX Convertible rust, anti-rust treatment ferrous surface protection

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APPLICABLE ON RUST - Ferox iron rust remover is a product that can be applied directly on rust and chemically reacts with it, turning it into a stable, black-colored complex that once overpainted resists weathering and is impervious to moisture.
USEABLE ON ALL FERROUS SURFACES - Ferox, besides being an excellent rust eater, is also an effective product for the protection of all ferrous surfaces. In fact, it can be used even on painted and NOT rusted artifacts, where it forms a transparent layer for protection and fixing. It is overcoatable with any type of paint, water-based or solvent-based.
SOLVENT FREE - Ferox rust remover is a very low toxicity product because it is based on synthetic resins dispersed in water and contains no solvents. It is a safe rust-removing treatment that can be applied even in closed or poorly ventilated environments that is not harmful to health and does not cause irritation of any kind.
PRACTICAL AND READY TO USE - Ferox is an easy-to-use rust product thanks to the convenient dispensing spout that allows for better application of the product. Ready to use, easy and quick to use!
USE SPECIFICATIONS - Before using Ferox converts rust, it is advisable to remove any flaky rust. Pour the necessary amount of product into a plastic container before painting. It is recommended not to apply the product at temperatures below 5°C, or in excessive humidity. The theoretical yield by brush is 15-20 sq m; product drying takes place at about 20°C. The product will be dry to the touch only 15-30 minutes after application. It is necessary to allow a time interval of 15-30 minutes between the 2 coats of rust remover solution.
Thinned synthetic resin base
Does not contain solvents for rust treatment

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