Dust and liquid vacuum cleaner 20 liters, Hoover 1600W - Comet CV 20 X

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The ideal appliance for vacuuming dust and liquids must be light, handy and functional; the CV 20 X vacuum cleaner is the best machine for daily cleaning of the home, store and office.

The silenced 1600W (1400W) motor is capable of tackling demanding and heavy jobs with ease by switching from one function to another quickly; the 35mm-diameter attachments allow you to vacuum liquids and dust in the different modes: 2m flex hose, 2 plastic extensions, floor brush, liquid and dust attachment, crevice nozzle, sponge filter, paper bag and washable cartridge filter.

The stainless steel frame is lightweight and rests on a trolley with 4 pivoting wheels to move the machine quickly on the floor. There is a clearly delineated slot on the top canopy for grasping the bin and moving it with ease.

In addition, the CV 20 X is made as follows:

20-liter steel drum, with useful capacity for 14-liter powders and 16-liter liquids
Suction system with by-pass cooling
Suction capacity of 70 lt/sec
The 4-meter electric cable allows a wide working range to be maintained in the environment of use.

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