DEWALT DT9585-QZ SDS-PLUS drill bit 16 X 1000 X 950 MM

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  • DT9585-QZ
    16x1000x950 SDS Plus Extreme drill bit
    Suitable for fast drilling of dowel holes, anchors or clearance holes in masonry, stone, concrete and bricks/blocks
    Specially developed 2-channel spiral for effective dust removal
    Optimised drill head design with carbide tip with 2 cutting edges
    EXTREME SDS PLUS concrete drills are equipped with a solid carbide head with 2 cutting edges, flanked by two individual cutting tips. This provides fast and efficient drilling speed in concrete. The four-cutter spiral allows fast debris removal while maintaining high drilling speeds.
    For all applications, from concrete to concrete, metal to wood

    For all applications from concrete to concrete, metal to wood.
    16 mm
    Working length
    950 mm
    One set
    Product length
    1000 mm

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