DEWALT DT60825-QZ SDS-MAX XLR drill bit 25 X 540 MM

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DEWALT DT60825-QZ 25 X 540 MM SDS-MAX XLR drill bit

For drilling in reinforced concrete, masonry, natural and artificial stone
Carbide drill bit with four cutting faces to prevent jamming in the reinforcement, which also provides cleaner, concentric holes and a consistently high drilling speed
Helix with optimised clearance for faster debris removal, with optimised heat treatment for maximum strength
SDS Max XLR with integral carbide tip to reduce vibration and prevent jamming in the armature The four-cutter helix quickly and efficiently removes debris allowing the machine and drill to work at maximum productivity.
Additional features
Iron blast treated head
Diameter wear mark
Idealer for drilling in concrete and stone
25 mm
Product height
57.5 in
Working length
410 mm
Application material
Product weight
1.17 lbs
Product length
540 mm


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