DEWALT DT4288-qz 305x30x80 trapezoidal tooth blade

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Extreme blade
Specially designed to achieve a precise cut and high quality finish for use on wood, coated and uncoated wood materials and plasticsC4 premium carbide for long life and up to 5 resharpeningsLaser-cut plate for better balance, ultra-sharp carbide teeth and optimised sharpening angles for reduced tearing

Extreme Workshop saw blades are ideal for the dedicated craftsman. These saw blades possess a number of features designed to give a superior finish to cuts in many different types of natural and man-made wood.
For extra fine cuts in plywood, veneers, softwood and hardwood.These blades are designed with triple chip grind geometry which gives and excellent surface finish on the workpiece.The blades are tuned to avoid breakout on laminate materials and are suitable for aluminium
Product length
33 in
Number of teeth
Product width
35.5 in
Number of pieces
Product weight
1,392 lbs


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