Cordless Chain Saw - Professional Line ONE4ALL 20V ENGPRO 1B20-ES00

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Kit: Main body only
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Cordless Chain Saw - ENG PRO - 1B20-ES00-S

Technical characteristics:

  • ONE4ALL 20V battery power supply
  • 250 mm cutting diameter
  • SDS tool free tension
Voltage 20V (Li-ion)
Chain speed 6 m/s
Max cutting diameter 250mm
Chain Pitch 3/8"
Chain bar 10"
Chain tank volume 100 ml
Chain Lubrication Automatic
Battery included No


Choose your kit

- 1B20-ES00-S Body only

- 1B20-ES00-1B4 including a 4AH battery and battery charger

- 1B20-ES00-2B4 including two 4AH batteries and battery charger


Cuts with Precision and Speed: With a cutting speed of 6 m/s, the ENG PRO Electric Saw is designed for efficient and precise cutting performance. The 10" (250 mm) bar is optimal for pruning and felling small to medium-sized trees, while the 3/8" chain pitch ensures more precise cutting. The 100 ml reservoir ensures constant and reliable lubrication during use.

Safety and Control at the Highest Level: The kickback protection with instant mechanical chain brake increases safety during operation, ensuring a quick stop in critical situations. The chain stopper pin intercepts the chain if it falls off the bar, minimising risks during use.

Robustness and Convenience Combined: With an overall length of 660 mm, the ENG PRO electric chainsaw offers optimal manoeuvrability during operation. The robust metal harpoon ensures precise and safe guidance, while the ergonomic handle is designed to ensure a firm and comfortable grip even during prolonged use.

Easy and durable maintenance: The knob for adjusting and replacing the chain makes operation smooth and maintenance easy. The oil tank for automatic chain lubrication has a large inlet for easy refilling, ensuring consistent performance over time.

ENG PRO Battery compatibility: The ENG PRO electric chainsaw is compatible with ONE4ALL 2.0Ah - 1B20-BL20 and ONE4ALL 4.0Ah - 1B20-BL40 batteries, offering extraordinary flexibility in power supply.

Discover the power, safety and convenience of the ENG PRO Electric Saw, the ideal ally for tackling demanding cutting jobs with ease and precision.

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