Clamp Fasteners. Fsz 120 Pcs.2 - Festool 489570

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Clamp Fix. Fsz 120 Pcs.2 - Festool 489570 Functions
Perfect hold.
The clamps integrate seamlessly into the system and can be used in a variety of ways. For clamping guide rails or workpieces on the MFT multifunctional table or in the mobile workshop, for securely clamping sections in semi-stationary saws such as the CS S50/70 or KS/KSC 60 and much more – for a secure grip at all times.

Fits perfectly into the Festool system and clamp groove of the guide rail, MFT table and machine
Very robust and long-lasting thanks to the steel version
The handle is ergonomic and in wood
The soft protective cap ensures a secure fit without slipping or damage
steel version
Main applications
For securely attaching the guide rail and trimming rail
Secure attachment with the MFT 3 plan/mobile workshop
Technical data

Technical data
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