8.24 kW pellet stove in various colors, home heating - QLIMA FIORINA 74

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Product range Pellet stove

Brand name Qlima

Model Fiorina 74 S-line

Colour Red / Ivory / Grey 

Technical specifications

Heater capacity (min - max)* kW 2.65 - 7.45

Thermal efficiency (nett) nominal/reduced* % 91.0 / 92.7

Hourly consumption (min - max) kg/h 0.6 - 1.4

Electrical consumption (ignition - running) kW 0.3 - 0.1

For rooms up to (max combined volume)* m 3200

Other rooms can be served using duct No

CO level at 13% O2 (nom/reduced)* % 0.01 / 0.04

Average dust content at 13% O2* mg/Nm 318.4

Control Thermostatic

Power supply V/Hz 230 / 50

Dimensions unit (w x d x h) mm 470 x 476 x 899

Net weight kg 81

Hopper capacity kg 13

Exhaust outlet (diameter) cm 8

Diameter hot air duct for other rooms N/A

Exhaust outlet positionback

Flue gas temperature (nom)* °C 128

Flue gas mass flow (nom / reduced)* g/s TBD Sound pressure level*** dB 39 - 52

Intermittent burning system Yes

Can be used in combined flue system No

Autonomy (min - max) h 8 - 22

Fuel type: Pellet (diameter)** mm 6

Guarantee years 2

* According to EN 14785:2006

** Pellets should comply with DIN+ / and / or Ö-norm and / or EN+standard

*** For indication only


Ease of operation

Eurostove Pellet heaters are easy to operate. The stove is provided with an advanced  hot air ignition system which will ignite the heater automatically once the relative button is pressed. The heating capacity of the stove is regulated with a computer feedback system using feedback from an integrated room temperature sensor to achieve the desired room temperature automatically. Once the temperature has reached the desired temperature the heater will automatically reduce its heat output to the lowest possible value, heater will not switch off. The starting time can be programmed with an integrated week timer. This allows the user to enter two starts and stop moments each day of a week. The auger speed can also be set manually; which allows longer burning time when a lower heater output is selected.

Superb innovative design

This Italian designed pellet stove is extremely elegant and has a high capacity and efficiency. 


With its objectively tested efficiency of 92.7% the efficiency of this stove is amongst the highest efficiencies available in the market.

Automatic regulating function

An integrated room temperature sensor activates the heater according to the set temperature, using the hot air ignition system to start and switches it back once the desired temperature has been reached. This automatic function can be programmed twice a day for the whole week.

Flame pattern

Eurostove Pellet heaters have an attractive flame pattern, and a large window enables you to see the flames, enhancing the cosy atmosphere in the room.

Continuous operation

The hopper size of 13 kg allows the stove to operate continuously up to a maximum of 22 hours after which refilling of the pellet hopper is needed.


With timeless beauty Fiorina S-line is also designed to be easy on the eye - as an elegant addition to your home.

Environmental friendly

The pellets are wood based and derived from natural products; not adding extra CO2 to the atmosphere (CO2 neutral).


Pellets are easy to use, and they come in handy bags; this fuel offers maximum convenience, while at the same time providing a high efficiency rating and a high degree of environmental compatibility

Easy maintenance

You can do many of the basic maintenance tasks yourself. However, if professional service is needed, all the stove components are easily accessible so that the pellet stove rarely has to be detached from the chimney. As with any other pellet stove the daily cleaning of the burning pot is very important for optimal performance. 

Comfortable to use

Easy, clean and safe. Pellet fuel has a high efficiency rating and is convenient and easy to use.

Optimum price/performance ratio

Anyone who wants a heating source that is both economical and efficient will get their money’s worth with a Eurostove Pellet heater. Wood pellets have a heat output that is comparable to oil and gas, and are available at very competitive price.

Made in Italy

This heater has been produced in Italy according to the EN 14785:2006 standard.


Thanks to multiple different alarms, the Eurostove pellet heater reacts automatically to abnormal conditions in operation or excess flue pressure with an immediate shutdown

Heat exchanger

A high efficiency is achieved due to the highly sophisticated heat exchanger in combination with modern software control technologies which use most of the hot air before it leaves the flue.

Remote control

With the easy to use remote control the stove can switched on or off. Also the heat output and the set temperature can be controlled.

Save mode

The stove shuts down automatically when the room temperature is 2ºC above the set temperature. The unit restarts when the room temperature is 2ºC below the set temperature. This system enables to save a lot of energy.

Econo mode

The stove maintains its temperature at a constant level. Every 10 minutes the stove adjusts its power, untill heating setting 1 is obtained. 


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