2.4A charger ONE4ALL for 20V battery - ENG PRO

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2.4A battery charger for power tools in the ONE4ALL line - ENG PRO

The ENG PRO 2.4Ah battery charger is a member of the ONE4ALL line, the new line of single-battery power tools. The purpose of this new line is to allow various tools to be used by purchasing one and only one 20V battery, compatible with all other members.

The charger can be used only with ENG PRO products in the ONE4ALL line. One charger for one or more 20V batteries from 2.0Ah to 4.0Ah so you can take advantage of the 1B20-SA12 grinder, 1B20-AP40 drill/driver, or 1B20-UMF0 multifunction tool. This configuration has no accessories included; the charger is sold separately.

Comes without battery.

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