Straight edge channel cutter, long series - CMT 712

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nome_variante: Diameter(mm)
variante_1: 6 mm - 00112819
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Straight edge channel cutter, long series - CMT 712

This 2-cutter cutter is made of a special steel to withstand very high working loads.
This is combined with the best tungsten carbide for cutting edges. The material (top quality) is then coated with an orange-colored PTFE fluorocarbon resin coating.
The cutters allow for maximum cutting precision and promote sliding as well as chip ejection due to the special design. Each cutter is thoroughly tested for safety, balancing, cutting tolerance and concentricity before being shipped to the customer.
CMT milling cutters enable industrial-scale production with a variety of materials, such as wood, plywood and composites.
Code D I L S
712.060.11 6 mm 25,4 mm 60 mm 6 mm
712.050.11 5 mm 18 mm 60 mm 6 mm
712.120.11 12 mm 31,7 mm 60 mm 6 mm
712.160.11 16 mm 31,7 mm 66 mm 6 mm
712.100.11 10 mm 31,7 mm 60 mm 6 mm

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