Reciprocating Saw professional ONE4ALL - ENG PRO 1B20-SG00

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Kit: Main body only
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Reciprocating Saw - ENG PRO - 1B20-SG00

Technical characteristics:

  • ONE4ALL 20V battery power supply
  • Quick change system
  • Speed 0-3000 rpm
  • Blade tilt lever
  • Blade tilt 0-3°
  • Cutting capacity 115 mm
Speed 0 - 3000 rpm
Cutting capacity 115 mm
Blade tilt 0-3°
Blade size 150x19x1,2 mm
Weight 1350 g
Battery included No
Battery charger included No


Accessories included:

  • 1 Metal blade 150x19x1.2 mm
  • Instruction manual ITA/ENG

Choose your kit

- 1B20-SG00-S Body only

- 1B20-SG00-1B2 including a 2AH battery and battery charger

- 1B20-SG00-1B4 including a 4AH battery and battery charger

- 1B20-SG00-2B2 including two 2AH batteries and battery charger

- 1B20-SG00-B2B4 including 2AH battery, 4AH battery and battery charger


The ENG PRO Jigsaw is a member of our revolutionary ONE4ALL Line, offering the versatility of a single battery pack compatible with all ONE4ALL power tools.

Versatility Without Boundaries

Equipped with a metal blade measuring 150x19x1.2 mm, this hacksaw can cut up to 115 mm and reach a maximum speed of 3000 rpm. It is ideal for both demanding professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Easy to Use, Perfect for Everyone

By turning the spring-loaded ferrule counterclockwise, the housing opens, allowing you to insert or remove the blade effortlessly. The tilting blade, adjustable from 0 to 3° via a lever, expands your machining possibilities.

Precision Without Comparison

The blade guide facilitates insertion, keeping the blade straight even during use. The lever under the tool allows you to adjust the guide to suit your needs.

Safe and Effortless Cuts

This hacksaw, in combination with the right blade, makes precise cuts on woody and non-woody materials, thanks to a continuous forward and retracting movement of the blade-holding arm. The ergonomic non-slip handle ensures a secure grip, while the safety button prevents unwanted ignition.

Renew the Way You Work

Experience the power and convenience of the ENG PRO Jigsaw. It is your reliable partner for flawless projects. Renew your cutting experience today.

Download the data sheet: DOWNLOAD


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