Limiter Of P OF 1000 EB 450677

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variante_1: 160x1,8x20 WD42 - 205553
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WOOD FINE CUT HW 160x1,8x20 WD42 blade
With quality you cut better.
Strength and precision under the most difficult conditions. To meet the requirements of different applications and materials. Made of exceptional quality steel and very fine-grained carbide blade teeth. Because you only get a perfect cut when the quality of the blade matches the quality of the tool.

In addition to the alternating teeth, a so-called top tooth is used. This relieves the alternating teeth and ensures a high and even running smoothness and a long service life.
Outstanding cutting quality - clean cuts with few tears
Blade teeth made of high-quality material for optimum saw feed and perfect cuts
Cutting angle and tooth shape are specifically designed for the application and machine type
Colour coding makes it easy to choose the right blade
Ideal in combination with Festool TS 55 F, TSC 55 K as well as HK 55 and HKC 55 plunge-cut saws - for precise and efficient work
for laminated and coated panels, cross cuts in solid wood, MDF - fine cut
Main applications
WOOD FINE CUT For clean, splinter-free cuts in solid wood and panels, laminate or veneered wood
Furniture construction
Panel cuts
Kitchen construction
Technical Data

Technical data
160 mm
Blade thickness
1.80 mm
Original blade thickness
1.20 mm
Hole diameter Ø
20 mm
Number of teeth
Cutting angle
10,00 °
Clearance angle
15,00 °
Tooth shape

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