FESTOOL Abrasive Paper STF 80X133P100 GR 100X - 499628

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The universal abrasive with special features.

Granat sanding sheets are particularly suitable for VOC paints and hard primers. Thanks to the special coating, the formation of bumps is prevented, which enables a long service life. Other surfaces can also be sanded with the Garnet abrasive without any problems.

  • Universal abrasive
  • Special for VOC paints and hard primers
  • With StickFix
  • for fillers, fillers, paints (specifically for VOC paints and hard primers)


Main applications

  • Processing of the most modern painting systems
  • Particularly suitable for VOC paints
  • Processing of the hardest substrates
  • Processing of plastics, mineral materials, acrylics, fillers
  • Decorators and painters
  • Plasterboard
  • Joinery

Technical data

Grit P100

Measurement 80 x 133 mm


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