Disaccostumer for dogs and cats cap. 1 LT for Zhalt Portable - Freezanz Naturiz

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Disabituante cani e gatti capacità 1 LT per Zhalt Portable - Freezanz Naturiz

Naturiz Cane&Gatto is a natural formulation designed and manufactured to keep dogs and cats away.
Natural product with synergistic plant extracts that create a physical film barrier in the treated areas that keeps dogs and cats away from areas where their presence is not desired. Respects humans, animals and vegetation. Naturiz Cane&Gatto is specially formulated for Zhalt Portable, which spreads the product by enhancing and reducing doses. Ideal for outdoor environments such as entrances, terraces, gates, doors, pots, etc.


  • PRIVATE HOUSES: outdoor environments, entrances, terraces, gates, doors, vases, etc.
  • LARGE ENVIRONMENTS: restaurants, bars, schools, kindergartens, public places, recreation centers, gardens, etc.


To obtain the correct mixture to be sprayed, pour 500 mL of product (half a bottle) into 7 Liters of water (71.5 mL per Liter) and then shake for a few seconds. The resulting solution is stable for about 18 to 20 days.

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