DEWALT DT20437-QZ 102mm carbide tooth universal saw blade

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Carbide-tipped universal saw blade 102mm DEWALT DT20437-QZ
Carbide-tipped universal saw blade 102mm
Carbide teeth for increased tooth sharpening life and cutting speed
Carbide carbide blades are ideal for cutting a wide range of metals, including steel pipes, cast iron and stainless steel
Blade profile is designed to increase blade life and minimise breakage
High-performance carbide tips are welded to increase durability and prevent tooth loss High blade profile ensures straight cuts and long life in demanding applications Titanium coating makes the teeth more resistant to wear, so they stay sharp for faster cuts Larger grooves (compared to bimetal blades) remove material faster, reducing cutting time.
Product height
1.4 in
Product weight
331 lbs


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