Cordless Glue Gun - Professional Line ONE4ALL 20V ENGPRO 1B20-PC00

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Kit: Main body only
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Cordless Glue Gun - ENG PRO - 1B20-PC00-S

Technical characteristics:

  • ONE4ALL 20V battery power supply
  • Fast heat transfer
  • Comfortable trigger
  • LED on/off indicator light
Voltage 20V (li-ion)
Glue stick diameter Φ 10-Φ 12
Preheating time 3 min
Working temperature ≥190°
Output 16 g/min
Battery included No
Battery charger included No


Choose your kit

- 1B20-PC00-S Body only

- 1B20-PC00-1B2 including a 2AH battery and battery charger

- 1B20-PC00-1B4 including a 4AH battery and battery charger

- 1B20-PC00-2B2 including two 2AH batteries and battery charger



Excellent Versatility and Precision: Bring your creative ideas to life with our ENG PRO Hot Melt Glue Gun, designed for gluing, filling cracks and sealing fractures with professional precision. Its compatibility with 10-12 mm glue sticks offers a wide range of applications, making it the ideal companion for every project.

Fast Efficiency and Optimal Performance: No waiting, just action! Our gun heats up in just 3 minutes, ensuring fast and uninterrupted use. The LED indicator keeps you informed of glue availability and heating status, giving you total control.

Ergonomic Design for Unparalleled Comfort: Designed with an ergonomic handle, our gun offers a comfortable grip during use, reducing fatigue and allowing you to work more efficiently. The ON/OFF switch gives you quick and easy control, ensuring immediate shutdown when not in use.

Power Compatibility and Flexibility: With ONE4ALL 2.0Ah - 1B20-BL20 and ONE4ALL 4.0Ah - 1B20-BL40 battery compatibility, you have the power to choose the power option that best suits your needs. Our gun is designed to give you maximum flexibility.

Make every project a masterpiece with the ENG PRO Hot Melt Glue Gun. Versatility, precision and ease of use in one tool. Choose quality, choose ENG PRO!

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