Cold Water pressure Washer - Annovi Reverberi 589 C.C. WEEE E. 0,32 - 14989

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AR Blue Clean 5 Series 589/591

589 Code: 14989

Trolley high pressure washers with telescopic handle and sturdy wheels that make it easy to move

Excellent performances thanks to the powerful, quiet, reliable induction motor

Pump pressure regulation via setting knob, with display on pressure gauge

With pressure hose reel and built-in detergent tank for more convenient, practical washing

High pressure washers built with high quality materials such as the brass pump head and equipped with professional grade accessories with brass thread connections

5 Series 589/591 COLD WATER water high pressure washers are particularly suitable for removing deep-down and stubborn dirt from large surfaces. These machines are ideal for daily and semi-professional use, delivering high performances thanks to the powerful induction motor and the robust construction materials, such as the brass pump head and the professional grade accessories, all with brass thread connections. Another very important feature of these models is the pressure gauge for monitoring the pressure, which can be adjusted to suit cleaning needs using the setting knob. 5 Series 589/591 high pressure washers are perfect for effective dirt removal from pavings, walls, steps, roofs or swimming-pools, or for washing large vehicles such as motorhomes or boats. Their outstanding performances go hand-in-hand with easy, convenient use: like the other models in the range, they are designed for the utmost agility and transportability. In particular, the large rubber wheels and the convenient telescopic handle make the machine easy to move around, while the built-in detergent tank greatly simplifies washing operations. What’s more, thanks to the pressure hose reel and accessories holder, you can stow everything tidily away once you finish work.

Technical specifications

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