Angle Grinder professional 125mm ONE4ALL - ENG PRO 1B20-SA12

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Angle Grinder - ENG PRO - 1B20-SA12

Technical characteristics:

  • Compatible discs: 115-125 mm.
  • ONE4ALL 20V battery power supply.
  • Speed of 10000 rpm.
  • Anti-cutting protection.
  • M14 flange nut.
  • 3-sided handle.


Speed 0 - 10000 rpm
Compatible discs 115 - 125 mm
Flange nut M14
Weight 1700 g
Battery included No
Battery charger included No


Accessories included:

  • 125 mm cutting disc.
  • Side handle.
  • Disk disassembly wrench
  • Instruction manual ITA/ENG.

Choose your kit

- 1B20-SA12-S Body only

- 1B20-SA12-1B2 including a 2AH battery and battery charger

- 1B20-SA12-1B4 including a 4AH battery and battery charger

- 1B20-SA12-2B2 including two 2AH batteries and battery charger

- 1B20-SA12-B2B4 including 2AH battery, 4AH battery and battery charger


Welcome to the future of power tools with the ENG PRO Angle Grinder, a proud member of our innovative ONE4ALL Line. This line is tailored for those seeking maximum flexibility, thanks to the use of a single battery compatible with all ONE4ALL power tools.

An Indispensable Companion for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts

The ENG PRO Angle Grinder is essential for the most demanding professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance and unparalleled versatility. Compatible with 115 or 125 mm discs (a 125 mm cutting blade is included in the package), it can reach a maximum rotation speed of 10,000 rpm.

Ease of Use and Guaranteed Safety

The rotation lock button makes disc removal a breeze. The activation button can be fixed in continuous mode, facilitating extended operations. Additionally, the anti-kickback feature ensures maximum user safety.

Comfortable and Customizable

In the package, you'll find an ergonomic handle that can be mounted on three sides of the tool, catering to both left-handed and right-handed users' preferences.

Suitable for Every Task

This Angle Grinder is highly versatile. With the right disc, it can tackle ferrous or wooden materials, performing cutting or grinding tasks. The activation button can be pressed as needed or locked for longer operations.

Safety First

We always remind you to consult the instruction manual and use the tool safely. Your safety is our top priority. Choose the ENG PRO Angle Grinder for unparalleled work experiences and peace of mind.


Download the data sheet: DOWNLOAD


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