Two-edged cutter for chamfering - CMT 736

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nome_variante: Cutting angle(°)
variante_1: 45° - 00113281
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Two-edged cutter for chamfering - CMT 736

The Chamfering Cutter is a 2-edged cutter for chamfering and building a multi-sided shape. Composed of a special steel to withstand very high working loads, this cutter rotates to the right. It is also equipped with a guide bearing.

Each CMT milling cutter has been thoroughly tested for safety, balancing, cutting tolerance and concentricity.

The milling cutter allows you to chamfer and create multi-sided shapes. In the case of building a multi-sided shape, it is advisable to leave the sides slightly longer than the required size and cut them to length only after chamfering the edges.

Bevels are recommended on those parts of furniture that are most affected by wear and tear such as edges or table legs.


Code A D I L S
736.280.11 45° 31,7 mm 9,5 mm 53 mm 6 mm
736.190.11 25° 22,2 mm 10 mm 54,9 mm 6 mm
736.130.11 15° 19 mm 11,5 mm 54,9 mm 6 mm

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