Semi-electric lift truck for pallet 3000mm 1000Kg for europallet - echoENG

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Semi-electric pallet lifter - echoENG MA SL ES30E


Main Features:

  • Maximum height 3000 mm.
  • Designed to meet a wide range of needs.
  • Handling and lifting motors that can be operated separately.
  • Load capacity of 1000 kg.
  • Minimum turning radius of 1350 mm.


Model MA SL ES30E
Capacity 1000 kg
Max/min height 3000/85 mm
Load center 450 mm
Fork length/width 1100/ 150 mm 
Height above ground 25 mm 
Lowered mast height 2077 mm 
Extended mast height 3567 mm
Minimum turning radius 1350 mm
Rear/front wheel dimensions 80x70 / 180x50 mm
Length / Width / Height 1700/ 800 / 2080 mm 
Battery 2V/120AH, 10-12V
Loader 12V/20A
Lifting motor DC, 12V, 1.5KW
Weight 380 kg


Everyday Handling Challenges

Our solution to daily handling, loading, and unloading challenges, especially for European pallets, is the echoENG MA SL ES30E semi-electric pallet lifter. With top-notch safety features like a ready-to-use emergency button, an intuitive lever for fork height adjustment, and a convenient air vent connecting the battery to the charger, this lifter is designed to simplify every task.

Efficiency and Safety at Your Fingertips

The ergonomic handle and polyurethane wheels make loading and unloading operations a breeze. You can customize the lifting and lowering speeds to your preferences, reaching an impressive maximum height of 3000 mm.

Exceptional Performance

In terms of performance, this lifter can handle loads up to 1000 kg with a maximum lifting speed of 60 mm/s when loaded, reaching 90±10% mm/s without a load. Smooth lowering with a load occurs at 280 mm/s. Moreover, it's known for its low noise and pollution levels, contributing to a more pleasant and sustainable work environment.

Flexibility and Maneuverability

The forks, measuring 1100 mm in length and 150 mm in width, can be adjusted from a minimum height of 85 mm to an impressive maximum height of 1600 mm. The minimum steering radius of 1350 mm ensures optimal maneuverability. The rear wheels, with dimensions of Ø80x70 mm, and the front wheels, with dimensions of Ø180x50 mm, ensure impeccable traction and stability.

Elegance and Robustness in One Package

This lifter boasts an elegant length of 1700 mm, a width of 800 mm, and a height of 2080 mm. Its weight, without the battery, is 380 kg.

With the echoENG MA SL ES30E semi-electric pallet lifter, every handling task becomes a smooth and secure operation. Tackle daily challenges with ease and reliability.

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