Canister 20 liters EXTRA Odorless liquid fuel for universal stove - Qlima

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Product data sheet

Product category Paraffin

Brand Qlima

Model Extra 20 L

Package One-way PET eco can

EAN code8713508708072

Product information

Fluid type Dearomatised mineral oil

Oil category Semi heavy

Tax - HS Code 27081925

Fiscal dye Customs Determined

Aromatics before fiscal dye (Spec.) %/vol 0.3

Flashpoint (Typ.) °C > 68 Density at 20°C (Typical) kg/l 0.8

ADR Not subject to ADR (because of high flashpoint)

Recommended warehousing Inside, out of direct sunlight and humidity. PVG is not responsible for possible deteriorations of packaging/content due to outside warehousing.

The certainty of Qlima Premium Quality Fuels

Qlima is the European market leader for heater fuels. After more than 35 years of innovation, today Qlima produces only premium quality fuels. The end result is the most clean, pure and powerful fuels with the best performances available in the market. Our secret lies in the combination of our unique in-house ‘from ship to shop’ production concept and our highly qualified dedicated people, who are willing to realize breakthroughs. Qlima advises consumers to use Qlima Premium Quality Fuels in combination with a Qlima heater that has a laser burner system, in order to achieve the ultimate heating experience. All in all Qlima is able to guarantee the highest in quality, efficiency and comfort, thus providing you with an ultimate heating experience. In its product and packaging development, Qlima constantly respects the environment. A good example of this is the introduction of the PET eco can – a Qlima innovation that ensures fuel cans are now 100% recyclable.

Qlima Performance Meter

By using Qlima Premium Quality Fuels Qlima guarantees customers the highest quality, the highest efficiency and the highest comfort. All Qlima Premium Quality Fuels have an outstanding performance. The difference between the various Qlima labels is very small, the difference with other brands is relatively high. In order to explain the difference between the labels in not a too technical way we have developed the Qlima Performance Meter.

Qlima Extra

Premium Quality Fuel for a great heating experience. Guarantees the highest efficiency and a long heater lifetime. Quality: reliable and clean fuel inspected and tested by independent organisation, flash point > 65°C Odourless: in combination with Qlima heater a great performance Comfort: great heating experience, guarantees a long service life for the heater and its parts Usage: to be used in all living spaces Packing: disposable recyclable PET eco can, child resistance closure Storage: cool and dark outside living room

Qlima Savings Program

By using Qlima Premium Quality Fuels, Qlima guarantees customers the highest quality, the highest efficiency and the highest comfort in order to deliver that superior heating experience. One of the results of producing continuously Premium Quality Fuels is a large group of brand loyal customers. In order to reward customers for their loyalty, Qlima created a special savings program. By collecting Qlima Points customers can save for example for extra warranty on Qlima heaters, convenient accessoires, reductions on fuel prices or heaters. Conditions and offers may vary between countries. Visit your local Qlima website for the current savings program.

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