Ultrasonic animal exterminator consisting of Central CT2008/US + 4 diffusers

ContattoSKU: 221_011_CT200/US + US2004/DIFF

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Ultrasonic equipment with electronic circuits that make all the vital functions of the devices automatic and more efficient. Each circuit. after being assembled. is properly calibrated so that the ultrasonic waves emitted by the tweeters fall exactly within the range of maximum shock to the target animals. achieving truly outstanding effectiveness. The tweeters are controlled by the CT2008/US power unit sufficient to operate the Model US2004/DIF loudspeakers deployed in adequate numbers to ensure protection of the indoor/outdoor areas concerned. The system is particularly recommended for the protection of large areas such as: large area warehouses, warehouses, food industry, apartment buildings and others.

  • Power supply: 230Vac.
  • Power output: each speaker US2004/DIF Pot. 4W pep
  • Tweeters: tweeter M6205 and PT1001 sens.100dB - driven with 20Vpp
  • Max coverage: 100sqm each speaker US2004/DIF.
  • Ultrasonic frequency adjusted for maximum schock
  • Outputs: standard 8/10 outputs

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