U-Power WOW GEL insole for safety working shoes

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WOW GEL U-POWER insoles are made of polyurethane with soft shock-absorbing gel. Due to the softness of the material, the heel is lifted effortlessly.
The whole foot will then be kept away from the small bumps and pressures that can bother long-time workers, and they fit every type of shoe without difficulty.
Antibacterial, breathable and anatomical.

THE UPOWER WOW GEL FOOTBED is composed of two elements:

- An arch-plantar structure made of BASF'S SOFT DYNAMIC MIX, with EXTRAORDINARY self-molding properties capable of evenly distributing the pressures of body weight on the foot.

- An insert made with a revolutionary BASF compound that provides anti-fatigue properties capable of relieving body stress resulting from prolonged standing. The result is a feeling of immediate benefit from the very first time the shoe is worn, which translates over the course of the working day into less daily fatigue.

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