T Miter Saw Ks 60 E-Set/Xl -Ug - Festool 574789

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T Miter Saw Ks 60 E-Set/Xl -Ug - Festool 574789
Mobility, variety of applications and maximum results - a perfect combination.
The new KAPEX KS 60. It does without anything that is not required for assembly. For example with each gram of weight. It convinces with ergonomic handles, integrated cable storage and transport fixation. It also has an extremely compact shape thanks to the flush guide bars. It also makes no compromises in terms of accuracy and variety of applications: with diagonal angle on both sides of up to 60 degrees and tilt angle up to 46 and/or 47 degrees. The Festool double-column guide ensures safe and trouble-free guidance of the saw blade. And many other clever details, such as the LED grazing light, the extension of the removable work surface, the additional grooving function or the bevel that integrate the KAPEX KS 60 in a perfect combination of mobility, versatility of use and excellent results .

Compact, light, ergonomic, with cable reel
LED control light for precise display of the cutting line (included in the set and available as an accessory)
False bevel for detection of internal and external angles
Bilateral tilt angle up to 47°/46° and bilateral diagonal angle up to 60°
Even more mobile with the trolley: the UG-KAPEX trolley is carrier and means of transport in one
Parting depth limitation for fast grooving
For keeping the air clean and the working environment healthy: the dust extraction device which, in combination with a Festool mobile dust extractor, extracts dust exactly where it is produced.
Always work according to the material: Festool saw blades are perfectly coordinated with the KAPEX KS 60 and the materials
Main applications
Ideal for mobile use at the workplace
Cutting to size of planks and panels up to 305 x 60 mm
Parting of strips, profiles and joists up to 60 mm thick
Precise fit right into the corners of floor and ceiling battens, without calculating - in combination with bevel
The base simplifies and supports the applications of KAPEX
Convenient transport to the construction site and to the assembly site thanks to the KAPEX base frame
The KAPEX base can be closed conveniently for transport
Technical data

Technical data
1 200W
Run empty
1 300 - 3 500 mins?¹
Blade diameter
Depth of cut 90°/90°
Depth of cut 45°/90°
Depth of cut 45°/45° (left)
215 x 40mm
Angle of inclination
Bevel angle
Measurements (L x W x H)
661 x 475 x 430mm
Ø dust suction connection
Electric cable length
Depth of cut 60°/90°
Depth of cut 45°/45° (right)
215 x 20mm
Product weight
Drive type

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