T-Charge 20 Evo 12v/24v - Telwn 807596

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Battery charger, charge maintainer and multifunction electronic tester for 12V/24V WET, GEL, AGM, MF, PbCa, EFB, Li batteries with LCD screen.
Charge and maintenance programs in Pulse Tronic dedicated to the selected battery technology. BOOST function for quick charge. Advanced function for charging and maintaining batteries at low temperatures. The activation of the RECOVERY function allows the recovery of the sulphated batteries. Test the vehicle's alternator and battery. It is a continuous and reliable power source during battery changes. Simplified use and immediate display of the parameters thanks to the LCD screen.
- Automatic charge and maintenance in Pulse Tronic according to the selected battery technology;
- BOOST function for rapid battery charging;
- COLD function for charging and maintaining batteries at low temperatures;
- RECOVERY function for the recovery of sulphated batteries;
- Battery, starter and alternator TEST function;
- SUPPLY function for stable power supply during battery changes;
- LCD screen;
- Protections against overload, short circuit and reverse polarity.
Complete with cable with clips and cable with eyelets.

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