SVITOL Multifunctional Lubricant Spray 400+100ml free unlocks polishes, cleanses

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Application: its unique multifunctionality makes it the safe and indispensable ally in the thousands of occasions of daily use: from industry to auto repair, from home to garden, from sports to boating, from work to DIY.

Multipurpose product designed to solve the problems of unlocking, lubricating, protecting all metal surfaces in the workshop, home, car, DIY and during all kinds of work.
The new dual-action dispenser with straw and wide rose diffusion offers excellent ergonomics due to the design with wide button and safe to use.
360-degree dispensing. The entire product is made in Italy.
It achieves excellent performance in each of its functions, leading it to warrant use in various fields of application:

industrial maintenance, function restoration, electromechanics, and others.

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