Sliding trolley for CS 70 ST 650 - Festool 490312

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CS 70 ST 650 sliding trolley - Festool

for CS 70

The slide makes it possible to obtain exactly right-angled cuts of workpieces with the corresponding angle stop of the CS 70. But you can also set other angles as desired. Simply push the materials through the blade - done! At the same time, the sliding carriage serves as an additional extension on the left side of the CS 70 pull-off saw.

  • Simple assembly
  • No jamming or catching of the workpiece
  • Perfect straight cuts with a clean edge with the help of the corresponding ratchet stop of the CS 70
  • Creates an additional support surface
  • Once correctly adjusted, assembly and disassembly on the CS 70 is easy and perfect in every situation
    for cutting panels
  • easier and faster assembly and disassembly

Main applications

  • For shortening larger workpieces or mouldings to exact angles and at will
Max. cutting width in mitre cut: 650 mm

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