Single-phase plastering machine, continuous cycle mixing sprayer pump KOINE 3

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KOINE 3 Koine 3 230V/50Hz - 3.4 kW 1106007 Continuous cycle sprayer and mixer pump


Continuous cycle mixing pump, suitable for pumping or spraying all dry premixed materials:

- Cement-based plasters

- Lime/cement based plasters

- Lime-based plasters

- Structural plasters

- Restorative plasters

- Binders/mortars for injections

- Insulating plasters based on polystyrene or cork

- Reinforcing mortars

- Filler mortars

- Cement-based self-levelling subfloors

- Anhydrite-based self-levelling substrates

- Cork- or polystyrene-based thermal insulating underlays

- Glues for coatings

- Mortars for fire protection

The product used can be poured into the machine hopper directly from the bags. Koine 3 is a small-sized plastering machine that can be easily disassembled, ideal for all renovation works, where usable space is restricted and transportability is of paramount importance. The high efficiency of the electrical components, including the exclusive Imer R2 inverter, allows the Koine 3 to work even with the lowest electrical power available in most homes (3 kW). Simply select the most appropriate from the four available pumping speeds, which can be viewed on the display.

Bifunctional grill safety sensor with light signal. Acts when the hopper grid is removed and when the mixing chamber motor is opened. Simplifies cleaning operations while ensuring maximum safety.

Easy Start Up Starting a plastering machine is always a delicate step, but not for Koine 3.

Easy Start Up System:

1) Remove the cap and bring the water to level.

2) Put the premix in the hopper.

3) Start the mixer motor


Technical data

Power supply 230V/50Hz

Max installed power 3.4kW

Mixer motor power 2.2kW

Electric pump motor power 0.45 kW

Electric compressor 0.75 kW-250 l/m

Material flow rate* 8-11-14-17 l/m

Max pumping distance* 20m

Height served* 15m

Hopper capacity 50 l

Loading height 1000 mm

Sound pressure level < 76 dB(A)

Dimensions width/length/h 685/1450/1270 mm

Machine weight 180 kg

Machine packed dimensions w./long./h 800/1600/1700 mm

Machine packed weight 250 kg

(*) Values shown are subject to change depending on the characteristics of the materials used, their consistency, the type of stator/rotor installed, and the size of the tubing used.


Standard Equipment:

Standard Mixer

Stator and Rotor D5-2.5 Monoflex (purple)

Material discharge pressure gauge

Control panel with exclusive IMER R2 inverter with 4 selectable speeds and diagnostic display

Self-priming stainless steel electric pump INGX2

Anti-oxidation brass water system, flow meter and antifreeze drain.

20 m electric cable with 16 A plug

20 m water hose Ø 13 mm

16 m air hose Ø 13 mm

15 m material hose Ø 25 mm

Premix lance with baffles

Accessory box complete with washing sponge and nozzle cleaner


Wrench for rotor replacement



The product in the bags is poured into the hopper, where an agitator shaft accompanies the material to the mixing chamber. The water required to obtain the dough is injected into the mixing chamber by a stainless steel pump. The flow of water is kept constant by a special stabilization system and controlled by a valve that starts or stops the flow when necessary. The amount of water in the mix can be viewed in the flow meter and can be adjusted as needed by a micrometer valve. The material is mixed with water and immediately sucked in by the eccentric screw pump, and then pushed into the pipeline until it reaches the spray lance at the end. With the help of air supplied by the standard built-in compressor, the lance allows the material to be projected onto the application area from a distance of about 20 cm. Material flow can be started or stopped directly from the spray lance by opening or closing the air valve. Flushing is simple, very fast and without spilling water and material on the work area. Before flushing, it is necessary to pump the material in the hopper until it is completely empty. After that, the mixing chamber can be cleaned by inserting the scraper provided with the machine in place of the mixing shaft. Koine 3 is equipped with safety guards that immediately stop the electric motors if the hopper grate is removed or the mixing chamber is opened, signaling the event with indicator light and display indication. The machine is also equipped with status diagnostics, which ensures electrical protection in any case of system overload or usage anomaly.



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