SDS Plus MX4 7 Piece Drill Set - Milwaukee 4932478626

MilwaukeeSKU: 305_023_MW4932478626

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  • Unique 4-edge carbide block (4x90°). For perfectly round holes and optimal anchorage
  • 4-slot geometry, ensures maximum dust and debris extraction
  • Centering tip for easy centering and maximum hole accuracy
  • Unique carbide block welded onto the bit body for Ø 5 - 8 mm
  • Larger amount of Carbide leads to longer lifetime
  • 4 breaker teeth produce micro fractures in the cement that increase speed
  • They pulverize material more efficiently 20% faster than competitors
  • Lateral beveling of the cutting edge for greater strength in reinforced concrete
  • These bits are 4 times longer lasting vs. 2-cutter bits
  • New shoulder design that tapers with approach.

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