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Jigsaw CARVEX PS 420 EBQ-Plus


Lightweight, maneuverable, unbeatable in bends.

Ergonomic, light and handy - CARVEX is comfortable in every position. And fast, too: 3,800 strokes per minute make it especially effective in cutting and true to track in bends. But everyone knows that the force factor can only translate into an advantage when accompanied by due precision. And this is precisely the aspect we worked on. By making a newly developed hammer guide for hitherto unheard of precision. And parallel translatable directional pads that keep the blade on the outlined track, providing uncompromising precision. In this way it expresses the qualities typical of CARVEX-but testing confirms it: the new CARVEX PS 420 generation is born.

  • Exceptional cornering grip, thanks to the triple blade guide and anti-twist shaft
  • Easy steering thanks to softgrip handle and ergonomic shape
  • Two-sided on/off switch, accessible from any handle point
  • Quick, tool-free replacement of plates, sliding slabs and blades
  • Clearly visible plotting line thanks to strobe light and powerful suction
  • Reducible machine length thanks to plug it swivel cable
  • Powerful cut for rapid advancement
  • Low weight for reduced effort: 1.9 kg

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