Professional welding machine 200A 230V Electrode 5mm - Stayer Power 200 GE

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Welding machine POWER 200 GE - STAYER.

Inverters designed for use with motogenerators of appropriate power (4.5 KVA for model Power 160 GE ? 6 KVA for model Power 200 GE).
Developed for the use of all types of electrodes, including cellulosic, aluminum, and high efficiency, they are in the price/performance ratio at a distinctive performance level
compared ?t what is on the market.

Careful in mechanical robustness, evolved in electronic realization, equipped with SE control device that manages cooling, arc thrust current, electrode triggering, anti-bonding and arc sealing are the ideal super professional range in metal carpentry and ??s? of medium sized pipes, also employable in Tig with triggering ? smear.
Power 200 GE is the new generation inverter that opens up new opportunities in electrode welding, combining performance and great reliability over time.


DC 60% ? 40 ?
Toroidal Transformer

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