Plug-It Cable H05 RN-F-4 L.4m - Festool 203914

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Plug it cable H05 RN-F-4 - Festool

Tool change in seconds. Hassle-free cable change. Since almost all Festool tools are equipped with the plug-it system, the tool only needs to be plugged in to change. Even if the cable breaks - simply plug the new cable into the machine - and continue working without interruption.

  • Get back to work immediately, even with a damaged cable, because it can be replaced in the blink of an eye
  • Saves the journey to the socket, as the cable is plugged directly into the machine
  • Perfect and stable connection thanks to bayonet lock
  • The rubber grommet relieves the weight of the cable at the plug outlet and reduces the risk of cable breakage
  • plug it rubber cable
Electrical cable length: 4,00 m

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