Oil lubricated compressor with tank 24 L power 2HP Nuair FC2/24 CM2 S

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It is a compressor with a 24 L tank capacity, 2 HP power, oil lubricated, 8 bar max pressure, with an electric motor of 2 HP power, oil lubricated, which has no wear parts, and with a tank capacity of 24 L. It is an easy to carry, versatile and simple to use compressor, ideal for hobbyist use.

The uses of a compressor are many. The compressor can be used with a spray gun to perform perfect paint jobs, in body shop, carpentry, industry, as well as in general construction and DIY. Another classic use is for inflating: together with a suitable gun one can inflate tires of motor vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, bicycles, as well as balloons, mats, dinghies, and others. Then there are numerous pneumatic tools (screwdrivers, screwdrivers, chiselers, drills, sanders, nail guns, and others) that perform the same functions as power tools, but instead of having an electric motor they use the force of compressed air. Finally, in the industrial field, numerous machines and systems take advantage of the work of compressors.

Connected to an appropriate tool (paint gun, pneumatic screwdriver, and others) to perform a certain function.

Name: FC2/24 CM2
Code: FCCC404NUB003
Group: FC2
Tank L: 24
Power Hp/kW: 2/1.5
Cylinders N°: 1
Pressure. Max bar/PSI: 8/116
Lubricated: YES
No. RPM: 2850
Air Intake l/min./CFM: 222/7.8
Volt/Hz: 230/50
Weight kg/lbs: 25/55.1
Dimensions WxDxH: 600x255x590

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