Motorblack one-component silicone elastomer, black 60 gr - Arexons 0094

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One-component silicone elastomer with acetic cross-linking system. The technical properties are superior to normal silicones allowing the use of the product in the engine sector where resistance to particularly harsh conditions of temperature, pressure and resistance to solvents, lubricating fluids and mechanical stress are required. The product is specific for sealing the oil sump of "Fire" engines and is indicated in the industrial sector as a sealant for moving machine parts such as pumps, turbines, compressors and as an alternative to preformed gaskets. In the electrical sector it is used as an insulator. It is suitable for bonding already cured silicone and wherever sealing resistant to high temperatures, oils, and solvents is required. It allows you to fill the oil pan after 45 minutes of use. Ideal for all engine applications and where a sealing gasket is required. Operating temperature: from -70°C to +250°C with peaks up to +300°C. Does not damage catalytic converters.

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