Milling machine with depth regulator, power 1050 W - Lamello ZETA P2 WIDIA

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Milling machine with depth regulator, power 1050 W - Lamello ZETA P2 WIDIA

Zeta P2 is the milling machine that creates a profiled template for the P-System, designed especially for Clamex P joints and used for the assembly of wood elements.

The integrated vertical machining mechanism is the cornerstone of the milling machine. During the milling process, the vertical machining mechanism automatically performs a lateral movement on the profiled milled joint. Thus, all types of P-System joints can be manually inserted into the profiled milling cut and quickly fixed flush. Zeta P2 allows P-System grooves to be milled for joints with different mounting depths without replacing the milling cutter, simply by moving the depth adjuster.

The vertical machining movement is automatically triggered as soon as the maximum milling depth is reached and takes a fraction of a second. The vertical machining mechanism is safe, fully mechanical, reliable and low wear.

The profiled milling function can be turned off to use Zeta P2 as a standard milling machine for original wood slats.

Fixed or demountable quick joints with symbiotic anchorage for P-System joint element.

Automatic vertical machining movement creates a profiled milling cut into which the joint can be manually inserted.

Fast, easy and precise work with the well-known Lamello application principle



Power: 1050 W
Version: 230 V
RPM: 9000 min
Cutter: HW (Widia) profile cutter Ø 100.9 x 7 x 22 mm
Toothing: Z3
Max. milling depth: 20 mm
Weight: 10 kg

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